I learned the porcelain painting and scratch techniques from a well-known porcelain painter in the Netherlands: Tiny Debie (www.tinydebie.nl). I now use that technique to decorate tableware with ‘kotomisi’ images. In addition to applying images to tea pots, milk jugs and other items of crockery or china, I occasionally also add an ‘ODO’, a Surinamese proverb or saying. I use glazes that require firing at temperatures reaching up to 800 degrees. These items are available at the crafts & souvenirs department of Readytex N.V.

I have been involved in several FVAS (Federation of Visual Artists in Suriname) projects such as: The Giant Painting (in the departure hall of the JAPIN international airport), the project Functional Art, painting blocks and plates. I have also done projects for various organizations and individuals, which often involve waste materials that I give a second life. For a tourist resort in the rainforest, located upstream of the Suriname River, I was given the opportunity to set-up and coordinate an artist in residence program.  Read more here.