I'm staring at the water,

Kim Sontosoemarto with Ceramics and Batik

My name is Kim Sontosoemarto (1959). I have a Javanese origin and born and raised in Suriname (SA). I am an autodidact artist and nowadays I spend a great part of the year in my homeland. If you are known to this country knows that, as a Switi Sranan resident, one grows up with several cultures. So it is inevitable my inspiration is based on Surinamese people and their living environment.

My ceramics have been clearly influenced by the Saramaca woman, the “Samaaka muje”, because of my countless stays in the Upper Suriname (Sipaliwini) area.


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I’m a visual artist and Suriname is my muse. I want to show her to the world through my eyes.


Initially I started with clay at Soeki Irodokromo. I became passionate about clay and asked my sister-in-law Dorothé van den Berg (Italy) to add to me the principles of the shaking smoke (which was still quite unknown in Suriname). Then I followed various courses and decorating techniques. I now make my raku glazes and as a base I use Dorothé’s basic recipe. Nowadays, I experiment […]


In 2013 I studied and practiced the art of batik at the Batik Nakula Sadewa in Yogyakarta. This comany is owned by Mr. Bambang Sumardyono. In addition to batik paintings and batik handbags, I also apply the batik technique to so-called “Man Bangi”, wooden benches handmade in Suriname, often presentend with woodcarvings. Concerning my ceramics I use the canting and malam (wax) to make recesses in […]


Spiritual and Javanese music has my preference as music for painting because they create a relaxed and peaceful aesthetic atmosphere. My preference for Asian, African and Native influences is rooted in my own homeland. I work with acrylic on canvas and use various materials that I find in the forest, the water, or on the ground. Suriname and my area are my big muse. An […]

Other Projects

The porcelain painting and scratch technique was brought to me by a famous porcelain painter from the Netherlands: Tiny Debie (www.tinydebie.nl). I am using these techniques now to provide tableware with kotomisi images. Teapots, dairy cans and other crockery goods are sometimes accompanied by an ODO, a Surinamese proverb or saying. Glass acids are used, which are heated to 800 degrees. These items are available […]

I call myself: “Someone who likes to create things and is happy if someone else is happy about it.”

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